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Through our nonprofit, get certified as a
Moral Courage Mentor

“In polarized times, standing for what's right isn’t enough to make progress. You also have to build buy-in, which means learning to engage rather than label the other side.” - Irshad Manji



We’re grateful that you want to become a certified Moral Courage Mentor.  As part of the application process, you’ll need to submit the following items by 5 pm Eastern Time on Friday, September 16, 2022:

  • Your certificate of completion from Irshad Manji’s online course, "Diversity without Division."

  • A response to each of the three questions below. 


  1. 1. Labels don’t remotely capture who we really are.  Describe some labels that have been applied to you and how they limit others’ perceptions of you.  What more do you want people to know about you?  (Written or video response will be accepted.)


  3. 2. In the online course, Irshad asked that you put yourself in the shoes of a person who expresses some offensive opinions. Your character, the offender, had to write a short but detailed thank-you note. Share that note here. Then explain how the exercise of writing that note made you feel. (Only a written response will be accepted.)


  5. 3. Tell the story of why you want to become a certified Mentor. For example, did you have a particular experience, or a set of experiences, that made you realize you need to do this? Or have you applied the skills of Moral Courage to positive effect and now want to teach those skills? Put simply, what personal story will you tell mentees so they can relate to you and the Moral Courage message? (Written or video response will be accepted.)

Note: Each response should be its own file. Please name that file with your first name, last name and the question number. For example: Irshad_Manji_Q1

If your responses are written, make each a separate PDF of no more than 750 words in Times New Roman (font size 12). If your responses are videos, make each five or fewer minutes.


Your resumé or CV.

Once your application materials have been received and reviewed by the Moral Courage team, you'll be contacted to schedule an interview with our Director of Education and Training, Allison Gerrard.


In writing or by video, describe how you intend to use your Moral Courage Mentor certification to influence culture change in your community. 


File: First name_Last name_Q4


You'll also submit two letters of reference, with your referees providing their email addresses and phone numbers. They'll address the following: Share with us how you know that this applicant is a doer (someone who gets things done) and not just a dreamer.