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Through our nonprofit, get certified as a Moral Courage Mentor

“In polarized times, standing for what's right isn’t enough to make progress. You also have to build buy-in, which means learning to engage rather than label the other side.” - Irshad Manji


Irshad and the team are grateful that you want to become a certified Moral Courage Mentor. We’ve learned a lot from our recent experience in running this unique program. As a result, here are updated application guidelines. 

We welcome your application if you want to teach Moral Courage within the company, school, nonprofit, or government agency where you work. For reasons of liability and quality control, we don’t authorize or certify anybody to teach Moral Courage to the general public; only in the organization that employs you. Consider this certification program an investment in professional development — yours and that of your workplace.

We also encourage you to find someone within your organization who’ll take the program at the same time (your “co-applicant”). That way, you’ll have a support network, an accountability buddy, and a better chance of integrating Moral Courage into the culture of your workplace.

If you’re accepted to the program but don’t have a co-applicant, we’ll do our best to pair you with another member of the cohort.

To complete your application, please submit the following items: 

  • Your certificate of completion from Irshad Manji’s online course, "Diversity without Division."

  • A response to each of the three questions below. 


  1. 1. Why do you want to become a certified Moral Courage Mentor? For example, have certain experiences made you realize that you need to do this? Do you have a story to tell about what makes you passionate and committed enough to pursue certification? (A written or video response will be accepted.)

  2. 2. What change in your organization do you want to bring about by mentoring your colleagues to develop the skills of Moral Courage? (A written or video response will be accepted.)

  3. 3. In the “Diversity Without Division” online course, Irshad challenged you to build empathy for someone who expresses offensive opinions. You had to put yourself in the shoes of the “offender” by writing, from the offender’s perspective, a thank-you note to someone who did a lovely thing for the offender.

  4. Share that note here. Then describe how the exercise of writing this note made you feel. (Only a written response will be accepted.)​

  5. Important: Each response should be its own file. Please name that file with your first name, last name, and question number. For example: Irshad_Manji_Q1

  6. If your responses are written, make each response a separate PDF of maximum 750 words in Times New Roman font, size 12. If your responses are videos, make each video a maximum of 5 minutes.       


Your resumé or CV.

A letter from your employer (company, school, nonprofit, or government agency). This letter should confirm that upon certification, you’re invited to teach the skills of Moral Courage within your organization. Be sure to have your employer include their email address and phone number(s).

Name of your co-applicant. Please note that your co-applicant will need to submit their own application separately.

Once your application materials have been received and reviewed by the Moral Courage team, you'll be contacted to schedule an interview with our Director of Education and Training, Allison Gerrard.


In keeping with donor intent, a limited number of scholarships will be available to public school teachers only. If you’re interested, email us for further guidance: [email protected].