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Through our nonprofit, get certified as a 
Moral Courage Mentor

+ What’s expected of me if I’m selected as a Mentor-candidate?

Mentor-candidates will:

  • Take an eight-week online course taught by the Moral Courage team’s Director of Education and Training.
  • Attend an in-person weekend “bootcamp” with Irshad Manji and the team.
  • Participate in a two-week practicum.
  • Initiate, design, and execute a capstone project with guidance from the Moral Courage team.
Read details about the schedule and each phase of the training process.

+   Is anybody eligible to apply?

We welcome applications from individuals with all kinds of experiences, backgrounds, values, and skills. You can be a high school student, a retiree, a professional, an amateur banjo player, or someone else entirely. For now, though, we’re considering only applicants who live in North America. That's because we’re not yet ready to launch elsewhere. As our plans to expand take shape, we’ll happily announce them through our newsletter. Please subscribe.
Finally, there’s one prerequisite to apply: You have to complete Irshad Manji’s online course about Moral Courage. Learn more.

+   How will applicants be selected?

In a nutshell, each application will be reviewed on an individual basis by members of the Moral Courage team. We don’t use algorithms to screen and rank applicants, so rest assured that your application will be looked at by a living, breathing, human being. The short list will then be interviewed by our Education Coordinator and final decisions will be made after that. Check out the application form. Please note these key dates:

  • Friday, March 18: Application window closes.
  • Saturday, March 19 - Wednesday, March 30: Selection of Mentor-candidates is finalized.
  • Thursday, March 31: All applicants are notified of our decision.
  • Friday, April 1 - Friday, April 15: Tuition is paid in full or a payment schedule is set up. If the latter, we'll accept 4 equal payments of $895 + a one-time $20 processing fee. Each installment will be due by the 15th of every month from April-July inclusive.

+   Once selected, do Mentor-candidates get to know each other before the in-person bootcamp?

For sure. Our Community Coordinator organizes a lot of virtual meet-ups. You’ll also have access to the community chat platform. You’ll get all those details once you’re accepted into the certification program.

+   If I’m not accepted this time around, may I apply again?

Please do! In fact, our team will be in touch to explain how you can improve your next application. Plus, we’ll let you know about our public events so you can stay engaged. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

+   How did you calculate the cost of tuition?

Through research and interviews with people who either run, or have graduated from, certification programs. We’ve found that in fields related to ours, the average cost of a learning hour is $120 U.S. But because we’re nonprofit, our fees can be much lower: $87.50 per learning hour. A portion of those proceeds goes to the certifier, the Oxford Initiative for Global Ethics and Human Rights (OI). They’re using their share of the proceeds to support OI students in the global South. All to say, our fees are set to ensure that the program is both sustainable and accessible.

+   Are expenses for the in-person bootcamp included in the $3,500 U.S. tuition?

We'll cover the kick-off dinner as well as meals and snacks on workshop days. That said, Mentor-candidates will pay for accommodation and travel to the two-day bootcamp, which will likely take place in Michigan. In exceptional cases, we may be able to help defray some of these costs. Our advice: Be proactive and set aside a bootcamp budget when you apply to become a Moral Courage Mentor.

+   Are refunds available?

It depends on the circumstances, of course. Generally, partial refunds will be given depending on when the Mentor-candidate withdraws. At the very least, we’ll credit the Mentor-candidate’s tuition towards enrolling in a new cohort down the road. All other specifics will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

+   Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, a limited number. To be considered for one, you'll fill out the main application form like everybody else. On top of that, you'll submit two letters of recommendation and personal thoughts on how you'll leverage the certification to influence culture change in your community. More details are in the application guidelines.

+   I want to learn the skills of Moral Courage but what if I'm not yet sure that I want to become a certified Mentor?

No problem. You can learn the basic skills on your own by taking Irshad's online course, "Diversity Without Division: Introducing the Moral Courage Method of Communicating Across Divides." After you finish, you can decide whether to dive deeper and train to become a certified Moral Courage Mentor. If you go that route, guess what? You'll have already completed the prerequisite for applying! But if you decide not to apply, that's cool, too. You'll still grow from experiencing the course. It's a win-win. If you're a K-12 educator, then take this version of the course.

+   I've completed Irshad's course for K-12 educators. Will that count as the prerequisite?

It absolutely will. When you apply to the Mentor certification program, you'll have to submit your certificate of completion. So if you haven't yet done so, download your course certificate and keep it handy for your application.


Got questions? Good. Before applying to become a certified Moral Courage Mentor, let’s ensure you’re clear and confident about your decision.

If you have more questions, contact our Director of Education and Training, Allison Gerrard: [email protected].