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Book a date with the mirror and ask yourself, “What am I in this for?”


The skills of Moral Courage are informed by behavioral science. They’ll work wonders if you want to solve problems. But they’re useless if all you want to do is fight.


In a conversation that feels like a dead-end, it’s sooo easy to blame the other side for our frustration. Sooo tempting to tell them that they’re the problem. They sooo deserve it, we assure ourselves.


And sometimes we’re right. But most of the time, we’re just righteous. Which means we’re getting in our own way.


Sooo… are you in it only to make a statement? Or do you also want to make a difference?


You’ll know once you answer the simple question that  Irshad Manji  poses in the video above.


It might just be the most important question you’ve been asked.

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