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How high school students can calm their inner critics and help their friends do the same


For young people with social anxiety, there’s nothing more powerful than peer-to-peer mentorship. That’s why we’ve certified   Natasha Esteves    as the very first Teen Moral Courage Mentor.  🎉


A high school senior at Ridley College, Natasha trained with the Moral Courage Project to help fellow students calm their impulsive inner critics. 


Her personal journey can inspire people of all ages. Dogged by the urge to be right all the time, Natasha learned to tame her “ego-brain” and relieve a lot of self-imposed pressure.


She’s healthier, happier, and stoked to serve other kids, including the wee ones. In fact, Natasha’s co-authoring a children’s book with Moral Courage founder   Irshad Manji! (More about that when the book’s finished…)


For now, read Natasha’s story. You’ll discover the impact that Moral Courage skills can have on personal growth, relationships, and the willingness to embrace life's challenges with wonder rather than fear.


If you’d like to explore how your school’s teens — and their teachers — can become certified Moral Courage Mentors, download this PDF.

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