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Finger-pointing doesn’t motivate people to hear you. That takes skills.


After watching a fabulous athlete in action, do you say to yourself: "I can do that"?


When you see musicians playing their instruments gorgeously, do you tell yourself, "It looks easy, so it must be easy."


Let’s get real. The answer to of both those questions is "No." That's because playing a sport or musical instrument impactfully takes skills.


It's the same with playing the game of effective communication: Getting heard, especially by those who disagree with you, takes skills.


And, as with a sport or musical instrument, anybody can learn those skills. The only variable is whether they’re ready to practice, practice, practice for the sake of mastery.


Why should you bother learning, applying, and habituating the skills to communicate effectively? Because if you want to change any part of your world — work, home, school, religion, politics, whatever — you have to motivate others to hear you out.


In the video above, Irshad Manji explains the paradigm change that you can achieve by using the skills of Moral Courage.

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