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Beware of your manipulative,

fear-mongering brain!


Our world is full of manipulators. Hello politicians! Greetings media! Whassup tech moguls?! But it's not just "other people" who play us.


Our own brains do, too. In order to save us energy, they trick us into believing that we’re thinking clearly when we’re feeling strongly. That’s how wars begin. No exaggeration.


Our Managing Director, Allison Gerrard, loves to point out that “the primal part of our brain doesn’t exist for thinking. It exists to spare us from the fatigue of thinking.”


If that’s not fascinating enough, here’s something more that you need to know about our brains — namely, how often they're scanning for threats, real and perceived. Watch the short video above with our founder,  Irshad Manji.


Want to become your brain’s boss instead of its pawn? Then click on all  of  the Moral Courage tools called “Core Skills.” Using our skill set will help you outsmart your own brain — and that of other people. 😉

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