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Our first class of certified
Moral Courage Mentors graduated in 2022. 

Click on their names below to read who they are 

and how they're using their certification.



It’s a word that you wouldn’t expect law enforcement officers to embrace. But they're human, too. And it’s how Victor Green, an assistant superintendent of police, feels after graduating as a certified Moral Courage Mentor. 


“All opinions and thoughts are welcomed by the Moral Courage Project,” he affirms. “The Moral Courage team role-models ‘procedural justice’ —being just in the process of interacting with people, not simply at the end of the process. Procedural justice is becoming a big priority in policing.”


Now, Officer Green is teaching the Diversity Without Division master class to fellow officers in and around Kalamazoo, MI — with an eye to reaching police throughout America.

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